Day 2: Deciding and pattern making

I’ll let you in on a secret it is still day one for me while I write this but I am at work today (Wednesday) so I wanted to get as much done on my day off. I have decided ! I have my heart  set on the wrap dress with 3/4 length sleeves.IMG_1575[1]

Now time to get technical and decide how this dress is going to work; how its gonna fit on the body and how it is going to come together . Pinterest is always a good place to start for ideas on patterns and dress shapes. I only use these are a starting point before making my own pattern of altering an existing pattern i already have.

For this dress there is two options one being easier than the other.


I have decided to go for the first as it has a more relaxed fit and requires less technical elements such as darts.

I don’t like to rush this part either so i can often spend a couple of days perfecting the shape so there might not be a post tomorrow as I will either still be perfecting the shape or working again.

But fear not I’ll be back soon for the next installment of my adventures

Chloe xX.


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