I Suck at Blogging

Well it’s true and I’m not even sorry. I find myself motivated to blog for a couple of weeks then life will get in the way and then a month has gone and no new posts have been uploaded. It’s not even that life my life gets that hectic; I spend 27 hrs a week working then on my days off I’m either with my boyfriend, friends or having a completely lazy day. This is the case today hence the phantom blog post. It’s raining so I’m sat in bed listening to ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ soundtrack (I highly recommend the film)contemplating my life. It’s not a bad life I live, I have an alright job with decent hours and pay, a great boyfriend and a small but loyal group of friends. The problem is that life is too settled something ,as a 20 something’s, life shouldn’t be. I am at an age where I should be traveling, trying new things, living my life. Therefore I want to start the ball rolling for my business, I want to be doing something worthwhile not spend my life stacking shelves. I want to do something that will open doors for me and feel proud of what I’ve achieved. I want to wake up excited for the day not hit the snooze button dreading the day ahead.

Well this may be the first of many posts or will be typical Chloe and going back to old ways in which case enjoy my only blog post of the month. Chloe x


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