Throw Back Thursday

Throw Back Thursday: Graduation Dress

graduation dress.jpgThis project has to be the one I am most proud of as I made the pattern and dress from scratch for a friend ,not myself, and it turned out perfectly.

Since finishing my uni course I set myself the challenge of making clothes for people rather than making clothes to be marked and never worn. My first ‘client’ was my best friend who over Pimms one hot day suggested I make her graduation dress. This then got me excited so we made plans to go fabric shopping and with her help we designed the perfect garment.

The outcome was a high standard garment that took 2 weeks in total to make including designing, fabric shopping and fittings. I hate to say it but it was a better finish than some of my uni pieces: the reason being is that it was for an actual person and I loved the design therefore wanted it to be perfect.

I would love to be able to make a lot more garments like this in the future and for other people too, there are only so many dresses  I can make for myself. Chloe X

Love Chloe xX


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