Throw Back Thursday

Throw Back Thursday: Miss Havisham

Its time of the week again where I share with you a previous collection of mine and discuss its strengths and what I’d do differently if I was to do it again. Today I thought I’d share with you my Miss Havisham collection(s). I actually did this theme twice with very different outcomes.

For those who don’t know Miss Havisham is a character from Charles Dickens ‘Great Expectation’ a book I hadn’t actually read in its entirety until a couple of months ago. Miss Havisham is a spinster left on her wedding by her fiance  and as a result she keeps everything as it was on the day she was meant to be married : the clocks stopped, the wedding cake left to rot and she remains half ready in her wedding dress just like she was on the fateful day she was stood up .

The first time I used this character as my inspiration I placed my focus on her surroundings such as the crumbling house, this lead me to look as derelict building and the idea of nature reclaiming it’s land. As a result my final outfit was in neutral earthy tones: a long chiffon dress in a dusty blue with grey highlights and embroidered detail


The next time I came back to this theme was while in university this time however I took inspiration from the actual description give by dickens himself. this time my sketch book was filled with tea-stained lace and dried flowers. the outcome was definitely more inspired by flowers just keeping raw edges and again made in dusty toned materialsIMG_0847[1]phone pics so many 010

Both received very different reviews; I personally thought my university garment was more successful as it took an abstract element and developed it to create an innovative design that was different. If I was ever to return to this theme I would definitely go back to the idea of deterioration and translate this into  the embellishment of the garment. I would also move away from creating a dress as that is too obvious, I would instead turn my attention to men’s wedding attire instead perhaps taking the idea of Miss Havisham from the gentleman’s angle.

What do you think ? I’d love to hear your feed back either on the garments or on the theme itself. Chloe x


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