Throw Back Thursday

Throw Back Thursday

I want to start a blog series called ‘Throw Back Thursday’ in which I look back over previous collections of mine and of my favourite designers. This will give an insight into how my style and the style designers has evolved over the years.

This week I want to share with you one of my favourite brief’s set at university: this was one set in my second year by an outside brand in which we has to pretend that we were designing their next collection. The company I designed for was ‘CheekLDN’ their esthetic is very girly with a ‘tongue-in-cheek humour’. My collection I created in response captured this essence but on a much more commercial level.designs 2

My inspiration primary came from the 90’s and chick flicks such as Clueless ( I must of watched its about 5 times during this brief) looking at the teen culture and attitudes. I also took the research deeper looking at the Japanese teen culture and the fashion of harajuku girls and lolitas. I wanted this collection to feel very girly but with an attitude and to be worn by girls who aren’t to be messed with.


The issue I have looking back at this project is that too soon I set my heart on a design then continued to create variations of the same outfit. It also lacks real innovation as there is nothing unique bar the jacket but even then it’s a basic design lacking in creative flair.

What is your opinion? I would love to hear you opinion on this gament, weather you liked it or maybe you didn’t. Well I hope you are all having a good thursday. xXx



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