Life Update

You’ve probably been wondering where I’ve been these last few months and the reason being I’ve been through a lot recently what with losing a job, getting a new job, losing friends and making new ones but now life has fallen into a routine I can schedule in blogging and designing especially as I’m only working part time. This means that half my week can be working for a large retail establishment and the other half establishing my brand. First step is to revamp my blog and other social media accounts so they are all in keeping with one another, so watch out for that coming soon ! I can assure you this isn’t a half hearted attempt; it’s me realising I need to put my degree to use. I want my parents to be proud of me. I’m 22 I shouldn’t be Working for minimum wage which alone isn’t enough for me to move out or get a car. I want to be an entrepreneur I want to make it as a designer even if it’s only small scale. This doesn’t mean I’m limiting myself, I have big dreams and plans for my brand, making my passion my dream job so I never have to work as it were.I’m not ready to pack in the part time job just yet though as I need something to fund my ventures. Plus jobs are hard to come by on the island so I’d be foolish to quit just yet.
In the past I have been too afraid to take the first leap as I had no idea where to start or limited funds to start but now after reading ‘she means business by Carie Green’ I feel a lot more confident in taking my first steps to following my dreams. This is such a good read for anyone wanting to start their own business. Written by a woman who’s been in our shoes understands what’s goes through every budding entrepreneurs mind before starting their business. I would highly recommend. So now I’ve got you caught up with my life here’s to the future and a lot more posts !


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