Throw Back Thursday

Throw Back Thursday: Graduation Dress

This project has to be the one I am most proud of as I made the pattern and dress from scratch for a friend ,not myself, and it turned out perfectly. Since finishing my uni course I set myself the challenge of making clothes for people rather than making clothes to be marked and never… Continue reading Throw Back Thursday: Graduation Dress



I really wanted to do a post about my dress and do a professional photo shoot with it but unfortunately the weather has taken a turn so I'm gonna have to wait until the weather is nice again. This means there isn't a Wednesday update today

Throw Back Thursday

Throw Back Thursday: Miss Havisham

Its time of the week again where I share with you a previous collection of mine and discuss its strengths and what I'd do differently if I was to do it again. Today I thought I'd share with you my Miss Havisham collection(s). I actually did this theme twice with very different outcomes. For those… Continue reading Throw Back Thursday: Miss Havisham


Wednesday Update: Striped Sundress

Where has the week gone it's Wednesday already ! This means two things: we are halfway through the week and it's time to update you on how this weeks make is going. So after going back to the drawing board sketching moreĀ  bodice designs I decided upon a simple sweet heart bodice and halter neck… Continue reading Wednesday Update: Striped Sundress


Project Monday : Striped Sun Dress

So summer is here which means I constantly complain I have nothing to wear or I can never find any clothes I like in the shops. The answer: make them. Currently the idea i want for my wardrobe is a striped sundress. I've been scrolling through Pinterest looking for inspiration you can see my board… Continue reading Project Monday : Striped Sun Dress