Updating my Spring Wardrobe

On a shopping trip over the weekend I saw the cutest pinafore in a mustard corduroy. I didn’t bother looking at the price as I knew it would be out of my price range as I was a vintage boutique store. Instead I set myself the challenge of  making my own pinafore for a lot less.

The pinafore shape itself is a rather simple one, consisting of an a-line shape. I decided that because this is something I would actually wear I decided to use an existing pattern I found online and alter  it to fit me.


Once I had made a toile and it fitted me perfectly all that was left to do was purchase some fabric. I could have jumped online and be spoilt for choice, but that would defeat the object of making a pinafore that is cheaper than that sold in shops. Where I live I am limited for choice but was lucky to find the perfecf fabric I wanted for a reasonable price too (only £5.50 a metre) The fabric I chose is a deep aqua green corduroy, which I absolutely love.

In total this dress only cost £12.74 to make which is a lot less than ones you can buy from a store where the average price for a pinafore is £20. With mine I got to choose the colour, shape and no one else will own this pinafore, unless someone wishes me to make them one (hint, hint)

I  am so please with the result and I can’t wait to wear it as often as I can.


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