I created this dress before Christmas and forgot to tell you about it, unless you saw my post on Instagram.  For ages I’ve had this maroon crepe that I bought in London during my time at university but I hadn’t found a use for. So I when I found it I decided to make a dress something I haven’t made in a while. I turned out that I had previously attempted to make a circle skirt but not finished it so that was my starting point. Now all I had to do was sketch out some designs that I could make into a pattern or create from existing patterns.


I decided upon the 3rd design made by combing existing circle skirt with a commercial bodice from a dress pattern that I edited to fit me and my design. I love to design dresses like this it is much more pleasing. In some ways I feel it is better than my university work, the reason being is that I can work at my own pace and create garments that I would actually wear.16729815_10206319487826024_1214274156_n

I loved making dresses like this and I hope to make a lot more dress in the future. I thinking of making some more and selling them.

Comment below if you’d be interested in something like this or if you want me to design something for you, I’d love a challenge.


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