Final uni collection

So last summer I created my final 6 piece collection which was presented in a final show and shown off in my university exhibition. Here is an exert from my press release The collection ‘Floral Daydream’ is the creation of Chloe Styles recent graduate of Winchester school of art. The inspiration came from the 1966 Czechoslovakian film ‘Daisies.’ An aesthetically pleasing, surreal and vibrant film … Continue reading Final uni collection

Where do I want to take Chloe Styles Design ?

I hope to develop ‘Chloe  Styles Design’  into a successful brand providing a high quality service through the creation of high quality, luxury garments. The service I am providing is a niche concept, there are few companies that provide the level of service I wish to offer. The concept of custom dressmaking is nothing new, yet I want to ensure my service is a very … Continue reading Where do I want to take Chloe Styles Design ?

What is Chloe Styles Design?

  Chloe Styles is the name of the label I am creating. There have been a number of name changes over the years: Stylishly Unique’ and ‘House of Style’ are just some of the name changes I went before settling on ‘Chloe Styles Design.’ It’s the perfect name as it’s my namesake. A problem with today’s fashion industry is that high street and even high … Continue reading What is Chloe Styles Design?